Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spells

Using Voodoo love spells to Bring Back a Past Relationship!

Magic can be very helpful in bringing an ex back into your life. There are some basics to follow for increasing the likelihood for success. First, it is helpful if the time apart is not longer than the time that the relationship actually lasted. If the relationship only lasted for a few months and the two of you have been apart for a year, chances are, this is not going to be successful.....<<read more>>

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Powerful Voodoo Obsession Spell

Do you want that special someone to want their world to revolve around you, think about you day & night and ache to be with only you. You will need to provide full name & picture of target. *Voodoo Obsession Spell - A Client Favorite*

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Custom Made Voodoo Lovers Hex

Custom made to fit your Personal situation. Works for break ups that need mending or for even more complex situations. A Voodoo Hex customized to your situation.You will need to provide full names & pictures.

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Voodoo Customized Break Up Spell

Maybe you are trapped in a relationship yourself & need out, maybe the one you love is stuck in a unhappy relationship & can't break it off, or possibly you have a friend who you know would be better off without this person in their life. With our Voodoo Customized Break up spell it is worded that it will only work to FULL potential if it is NOT true love, as we do not break up TRUE love. If you cannot get a picture we can still cast but, will not be as strong

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END a relationship potent Voodoo Spell

(mailed to you - USA & territories only) This is a Voodoo Spell / HEX that will be mailed to you & must be buried close to couple's home or home they reside at most often (not ON property but, close by if you cannot do this but, want a Break up a Relationship Hex order the "Custom made break us/them up HEX" since we do not send you anything for that one).

This Break up a Relationship Spell is intended to be very potent but, like all Break up hexes it is worded that it will only work to FULL potential if it is NOT true love, we do not break up TRUE love. For this Hex we will need Full names of the couple & if possible a picture of the couple together or separate.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Marry Me Voodoo Spell For a Long Term Couple

Does your lover need a bit of a kick in the right direction, years have past and still no proposal? It is time for them to step up and make a commitment. Works very well with "Follow My Lead" spell. Picture of you & target together & Full names please.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Stay Faithful Voodoo Loyalty Voodoo Love Spell

Keep your partner from straying or laying down with another. Keep them dedicated only to you. Voodoo Loyalty Love Spell. You will need to provide full name & picture of you both preferably together.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Stay With Me Voodoo Spell

Keep your lover from leaving you, always yours. Make sure they always come back. You will need to provide full name & picture of you both preferably together. This is NOT the same as a loyalty casting or faithful type spell this is stay as in don't leave & always come back.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Voodoo Bring Me True Voodoo Love Spell

You have been chasing and wanting to be loved by those who in return are not the ones for you. You are sick & tired of being with people who break your heart over & over again. If you are ready to draw true love to you, Bring Me True Love Spell was made for you.

Please send us a few details of what you want from another (no promises but we will add them) keep it simple. You will need to send a picture of yourself alone.We recommend Anna Rivera Sensuality oil or Love Drawing oil when you have this spell casted. It is not a requirement but, great in assisting us in this casting. (Located on Oils, Herbs & kits page)

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Spice Up Your Sex Life Spell wild hot sex hex - couples only

Do you have a lame sex life with your partner, need to spice things up, get back that wild side that you used to have together and set that dull flame into a raging fire! Passion unfolding and nothing holding you back. *This is ONLY for couple's that are currently together* Need picture of you both together & full names. Invoking the Lwas on this one in Voodoo (Vodou) they LOVE IT!

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Bring My Baby Back Love Spell

You and your partner broke up, you miss them dearly and would like to have another shot. So, lets bring your baby back. Not for complex matters of the heart. You will need to provide full name, picture of yourself & target.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Voodoo Love Spell

Make their heart ache for you, falling in love and wanting you near. You will need to provide full names & pictures of applicable targets (if possible).

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Leave My Lover Be - They Belong to Me Voodoo Spell

Don't you hate those sneaky underhanded people that won't back off your partner, always flirting with them, secretly calling, texting or emailing them or maybe you just want other people to leave your lover alone and avoid the temptation altogether. If it is a specific person please provide their full name & picture as well as your lovers.

If just "Stay away for all" provide your lovers info only. (please specify this to us) We can also do as a generalized casting.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Fantasies and Dreams of Me Love Spell

Let their thoughts and dreams be filled with thoughts of you with this special love spell. Flash back to memories of you together. Make these dreams come every night tormenting them as they sleep. You will need to provide full name & picture of applicable target.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Dirty Little Voodoo Lust Spell

Want someone to Lust for you, to want you in those naughty ways. Not necessarily a love spell, just a simple Lust Spell is the way to go - so long as they would be physically attracted to you this spell can unfold to great depths. You will need to provide full name & picture of applicable targets.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Voodoo Binding Bottle Spell / LOVE BINDING SPELL

"Must have hair of target"
Bind target to you in love. *Must have hair from yourself & target to send* We will send you the bottle the only thing you will need to do is follow the simple directions and bury it.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Forgive Me Now Voodoo Love Spell

When someone has held a grudge & you wish they would just forgive you. Letting go of all that holds them back from you. Picture & Full names needed.

For a "double whammy" change quantity to two

Voodoo Love Spells Continued... Next, if the target is involved with someone else or even has an interest in someone else, this needs to be ended to clear the way for reconciling your own relationship. There are two different ways to do this. The first is when you know the identity of the other person. Then a break up spell can be cast on both of them to end their relationship and interest in each other.

The other is for when there is no information about the other person. In this case, the break up spell can be cast directly on the target to end any relationship/interest (with the exception of you) that they may be involved with. If you do not know whether or not there is someone else, the chances are that there is. Realistically, how long does an ex really wait around without having at least an interest in someone else?

If the ex broke up with you and says that it is not because of someone else -
  • They need to focus on themselve right now
  • They do not want to be in a relationship at this time
  • They need time to figure out what they want in life
  • They do not know what they want

THESE ARE SOME OF THE MAIN EXCUSES THAT ARE USED WHEN THEY HAVE INDEED FOUND SOMEONE ELSE. Most people would rather give no reason for breaking up than to admit it is because they have found someone else-it is just human nature. If the person breaks up for no apparent reason, chances are that it is because of someone else.  So it is up to you to end the interest in the other person and clear the way to bring this person back into your life.

If there were other issues that helped to end the relationship like -
  • Negative influence from friends or family
  • Jealousy over exes
  • Fear of commitment issues
  • Trust issues

ANY of these issues also need to be addressed to correct them so that the relationship can be not only restored but to eliminate the problems that ended it in the first place. There are spells that can be used to address and correct each one of these issues. Use them.

Finally, the Love Spell itself. A Bring My Baby/Lover Back type of spell is going to bring back the same kind of relationship that existed before. If the relationship was plagued with problems, do not chose this type of spell. Choose a spell that will improve the relationship, like a Custom Lovers hex. If the relationship was very good and a misunderstanding ended the relationship-but aside from that the relationship was good, committed, and strong, then Bring my Baby Back would be the appropriate type of spell.

An Obsession Spell, Dream of Me, Voodoo Lust spell-- ANY of these type of spells are not Love spells and will not influence the emotional feelings. These spells are to make the target think about you, put you in the targets mind and increase physical attraction. These influence the mental and physical feelings-not the emotional ones.

When waiting for spellwork to take effect, it is VERY important to avoid negative contact with the target. Spells work by influencing the target. People are more easily influenced when they are calm - not when they are angry, anxious, stressed, etc. It is extremely important to give the target space - DO NOT make the target feel like they are being stalked.

No amount of spellwork can help a situation when a target has been driven away to the point of hatred. People can say that they hate you-they can say all sorts of things that they do not mean when they are angry. But if the relationship has gone past the point of return and the target feels genuine hatred, then it is very doubtful that anything would be able to turn things around. Hate is one of the strongest of emotions and will block the influence of a Love spell.

If the Love seems gone, as long as hate has not seeped in, the relationship has a chance of being brought back!

Patience and positive attitude is one of the main factors in successfully bringing back an Ex.

Obsessing or having negative attitude will hinder a Voodoo love spell and harm the chance for success. Relationships that had a lot of positive history are going to be more easily restored than ones whose history was mostly unhappy

Love Spells can do some miraculous things in reuniting lost love. Even people who have been apart for years and years can be brought back together. But not every relationship is able to be restored. There are those cases where the people simply are not meant to be together. They bring pain and misery to one another and are truly meant to be with other people.

Be careful what you wish for. Make sure that the relationship is really what you want. If you know that you love this person and the two of you are better off with each other than without each other...then you go for it! Make a "Happily Ever After" ending of your own.

Do Voodoo Love Spells Cause Bad Karma?

Does casting Voodoo love spells cause any negative energy, bad karma, backfire or bad effects?

No. Absolutely not. As long as the Love spells are cast in the proper way and during the appropriate moon phase, there is no negativity from using magic for Love.

So many relationships have been created and/or reconciled with the help of Voodoo love spells. As long as your intentions are good, there is no need to worry about receiving bad karma from using magic, or a love spells to bring your love to you. If you are using Voodoo love spells to end another relationship to clear the path for your own, even this can be done in a positive way. As long as the other relationship is not one of "True Love" and the couple is not actually meant to be together, there is nothing wrong with helping to end that relationship.

Most reputable people who cast spells for other people will cast a break up spell in this fashion-so as not to interfere with the relationship if is is a "soulmate" type of relationship that is meant to happen. If, on the other hand, a person wants to bring an end to a happy relationship between a couple who seem to belong together, who love each other, and there is no reason to think that these people do not belong together, you could cause negative energy. If you invoke a Voodoo love spell just for purely selfish reasons to bring an end to this relationship regardless if it is meant to be, this CAN bring you bad karma.

If someone tries to end a relationship just because they are jealous and want to be with a member of the couple, with no sign that this person should be with them, this is a negative thing and can bring negative actions.

Most spell casters will not use spells in this type of situation. Not only does it cause bad karma for their client, but also for themselves.

The most common situation is that someone is trying to reconcile with their ex. They Love this person, but the ex has become involved with someone else. The relationship was basically good, they still love the ex and want to give the relationship another try. There is nothing wrong with doing a break up spell to end the other relationship to clear the way for a Voodoo love spell to reconnect them with their ex. The Break up spell should be done to to end that relationship-as long as it is not true love. Then clear the path for a reconciliation. There is NO bad karma here. There is no evil intent or selfish motivation.

Another common situation is where the person has very strong feelings for someone. But that someone is involved in an unhappy relationship. The person has honest feelings and feels that the target would be happier and better off in a relationship with them rather than staying in a relationship that is damaged and brings misery. There is nothing wrong with casting a break up hex to end the unhappy relationship and trying to promote a new relationship.

The main thing to remember is, that if you have good intentions, there is nothing wrong with using spells to bring or better a relationship, to end a bad relationship, or to try to bring a good relationship and make a couple happy :)

Love spells with Erzulie Freda

Erzulie Freda is the Voodoo Lwa of Love. She is the Spirit who influences Love, Relationships, Passion, ending Relationships, Beauty, and Femininity.  She is represented by the color pink and by the symbols of a heart, a rose, and a dove. Her day is Friday. And although you can honor at any time and on any day of the week, her official time is Friday nights.

Most people who are familiar with the name Erzulie, do associate her with Love spells. But she also influences family relationships, helping to end bad relationships, enhancing beauty and allure, and much more. It is said that people who serve Erzulie and form that special bond with her automatically receive allure and, for women, and added femininity.

Erzulie Freda can be a very loving and kind Lwa. However, if she feels neglected, she will let you know-either by interfering with an important relationship or with your personal beauty. It is important when serving Erzulie to let her know that she is loved and appreciated.

Proper offerings for Erzulie Freda would be things either pink or white in color, roses, pink flowers, champagne (especailly pink champagne), perfume, fancy hand mirrors, fancy lace hand fans, jewelry, fine chocolates, trinket boxes, small statue that represents something about her. Her altar should be mainly pink in color. She enjoys and responds well to lots of beauty and sparkle on her altar-very, very feminine. Pink candles, fancy candle holders, lace, flowers, and the more pink the better.

Voodoo Love Spells by the Spellbinding Sisters

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