Magic Spells / Custom Voodoo Spells

Magic Spells / Custom Voodoo Spells

We offer many different types of magic spells that we routinely practice. If you do not have an interest in Voodoo as a religion, then you're better off to have a Voodoo practitioner do the magic for you! <<read more>>   <<money & business magic spells>>

Magic Spells / Curse

Customized Voodoo Curses For Those Who Deserve It

This work is questionable yes, but, as always we word things so that those whom have harmed NONE do not bare the negativity of this work.

This work is deemed for those deserving of swift punishment and justice to be served.

They will only receive what is due to them and nothing more...although nothing less. Please converse with us in ADVANCE PRIOR TO PURCHASE AND TELL US THE SITUATION as we would like to advise you first. One of our most popular magic spells!

Magic Spells / Healing

Custom Healing Spell

Do you need healing from a relationship you are in, a relationship that recently ended or moving away from, overwhelming sadness in your life or just feel at a loss and broken.

This casting will be customized to assist you in your healing from trauma or sadness. Please provide full name and picture. We also suggest you take a Sea salt bath or smudge yourself to remove negative energy.

Voodoo Spells & Hexes

Money & Business Magic Spells

Voodoo Spells & Hexes
Magic Spells!

Help Me Find a Job or Gain Promotion Spell

Have you been searching helplessly for work & need the assistance to help you find a new job or maybe you've been working for a company & feel you've earned a job promotion or raise.

Let's make this wish a reality for you by casting this Voodoo Job focused spell. You will need to provide full names & pictures of applicable targets (if possible).

Magic Spells / money

Draw Money To Your Business Spell

Do you own a business and want to draw more customers, help your business flourish & to become bigger. Use a Voodoo Business Spell to enhance your money flow and help to rise to the top. Send picture of business card, your business logo & yourself.

Magic Spells / Luck!

Good Luck in Business Spell

Do you want to move up in your current place of work, do independent work & want better luck, or own a store & want to draw good luck to your place of business. Sometimes removing the negative & bringing the positive is all you need.

Please send picture of business card, Logo or one of yourself include business name. We do recommend cleansing your store and yourself with a smudge stick as part of this Spell to enhance the work.

Magic Spells / Money

Voodoo Help Draw Money to Me Spell

Need a little extra cash to get by, need to make a few bills...this spell is not designed to make you rich but, can bring you the cash you need when you need it.

Maybe a bonus, a winning ticket, money on the floor, a check someone writes you, a gift of money. You will need to provide full name & picture of target.

Magic Spells / Good Luck

Bring Me GOOD LUCK Spell

Never been the lucky type? Want good things to start making their way into your life for a change? You get your hopes up & are always left disappointed, bring good luck to your life and smile again!

We do recommend doing a Sea salt bath prior to Spell work or as soon as waning moon comes around to enhance this Spell as it unfolds. You will need to provide full name & picture of target.

Magic Spells Continued - Voodoo doesn't clash with other religions, and there are some spellcasters who do not practice any type of religion with their magic. In Voodoo, there is no hell, or devil. The creator is too big and far away for any kind of communication with people. All communications are done with the Loas.

The best thing to do before attempting magic spells would be, to do a bit of reading about the different kinds. Then decide if you want a magic spell based on religion like Voodoo, Wiccan, Norse, Egyptian, etc. Or whether you would prefer a magic spell without any religion involved.

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